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I’ve got a website on increasing one’s vertical leap that I’m putting together, as well as one on Scientology — and as such I’m looking to bone up on what Search Engine optimization is all about.   So, I’m reading an excellent book by Bill Hunt called “Search Engine Marketing, Inc.” 

I was just going to keep my notes on this on a notepad, but instead I figured I’d keep them on a blog.  Just as easy for me to find later, but possibly easy for you to find later, too!

Transactional vs. Informational Searching:

Page 89.  Bill makes an intriguing point – running analytics on users who are mainly just searching for answers on something, and have no interest in purchasing what you’ve got or actually transacting business with you, vs people who are.  Toying with purchased keywords and deciding which to use.  Some may pull in a ton of traffic, but it’s all “browse” traffic and not “buy” traffic.   His example was a art prints store site where people searching for ‘monet’ were just students trying to find examples of monet paintings, and searches for ‘water lillies’ and such were people actually looking to buy.

Titles in Paid Ads:

If you’re going to put a title on a paid ad, where you’re advertising a product, like “AMD Opteron 148”, make sure that is in the title — as if someone’s searching for this, they’re ready to buy, and will be more likely to click on you if you specifically mention the product they want.

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