Psychiatry tries Video Game to Stay Relevant

As I’m a Scientologist, you can imagine the sort of opinion I have on psychiatry.   Same as everyone else, really — it’s a farce, and basically a marketing ploy for lucrative anti-psychotic drugs. 

In any case, I’ve now read that a company is trying to make a Video Game Psychiatrist, designed to tell the video game player what to think, and evaluate for their mental health – just like a real psychiatrist.

Anyhow, the article follows.  It’s sort of lame, but there you go — so is psychiatry.

A new game launched by
Tokyo-based Dimple Entertainment, titled DS Therapy, is designed to
judge a person’s social and mental health just by answering a few simple

Following the success of Brain Age,
the video game that stimulates the mind and exercises the brain, developers are
seeing a different side to gaming.  Instead of driving a car, shooting
people or casting spells, the new series of games will promote mental and
social health by informing you on your current conditions. 

The designer of another videogame to promote mental health, Mindhabbits
, is Mark Baldwin, a psychology professor at McGill
University in Montreal, Canada.  He and his research team, according
to Reuters
, designed the games
based on social psychology research.  By using the repetitive components
of video gaming, Mindhabbits Booster displays images or gives text samples and
asks the player to choose an option, such as a smiling face out of a series of
sad faces, multiple times.  The game then deciphers the psychological
health of the player or the mood the player is in that day.  The game is
also said by developers to increase self-esteem and reduce stress by training
players to look for acceptance and ignore rejection.

This new category of video games will hopefully somewhat subdue protestors,
with developers having more time and money spent on developing games that have
a positive impact on players rather than parents just trying to take games off
store shelves.

DS Therapy is expected to launch in May of this year in Japan, but no U.S.
release date has been confirmed.

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