What!? 3DS Max 9 doesn’t work on Vista!

3D Studio Max does not run on Windows Vista. That’s what it says on the Autodesk site, that’s what it says on Maxforums, and that’s what I’m seeing in real life. How is it that the new WunderOS with all its 3D ‘support’ doesn’t support the top 3D app on the planet?

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10 comments on “What!? 3DS Max 9 doesn’t work on Vista!
  1. david says:

    microsoft is taking nonesense risks with people’s money. and the software is good for nothing just some crazy animation but no real program works with it.
    solution : ban windows vista
    effect: if enough people do the same thing then microsoft won’t take these chances

    what to do: back to xp or mac
    i wish you guys luck
    your friend david(all of a sudden)

  2. The facts says:

    Just to be clear, vista works amazing compared to xp, and the majority of incompatibilities are ignorant users not knowing how to use the new system (aka, people don’t understand compatibility mode, turning off UAC, run in admin mode, ect.).
    Fact: 3d Max 9 x64 and x32 work on vista with the new extension just released.

    Furthermore, your solutions is crap., I wonder why no one is doing it….o ya because xp is horrible and macs have the least compatible OS in the major market.

    solution: format David’s hard drive
    effect: he won’t be able to make ridiculous accusations and comments, and the internet will be a better more accurate place.

  3. The facts says:

    O and by the way, its auto desks fault for failing to come out with a patch until recently. vista was in beta for over a year to prevent incompatibilities. almost all other programs i use,(i’ m and engineer and a programmer, and i use a lot of software application that are platform intensive)have been working since the day vista was released.

  4. What I can’t believe is that after 7 months (when I first posted the article on http://jetteroheller.wordpress.com/, the issue is still not resolved, and people are still posting every single day about the terrible issues they’re having with this.

    It’s unbelieveable that such a mainstream OS could be so problematic with such a high-class app!

  5. JD says:

    The facts

    Vista is crap. YOu are a Microsoft person. Your mind is poisoned. I feel sorry for you.

  6. Thank god I’m not a Microsoft person, actually, or else your statement would be true! Running SuSE 10.3 x64 on a AMD Phenom 9500 right now.

  7. midoyuri2 says:

    I wanna only say something I’m an architecture I have failed in using my programmes on vista not only because it sometimes doesn’t work but also beacuase vista work with using 800 MB from the RAMs so I think it’s not only crap I think that microsoft made a bag mistake when thay made vista

  8. ronnie42 says:

    thats a stupid statement about microsoft being crap cause they were the ones that brought us into proper gamin, mac, linux, etc… just followed, also Mac is terrible for playing games but supposed to be brill for making them, also vista may hav a few bugs but from wat i can see theres more bugs into xp than vista, i can always find a way to solve a problem in vista like if xp is gner crash then vista has safety measures to help prevent this, jeesh u people ar like a closed book cause u read something, then u think its true

  9. hmmmm actually i tried to find out the problem guys i even started debuging this app. 3dmax on Vista to find out the way to make it working !!!

    any way may this relese real solution for the problem

    Vista have some security Issues you can say it is Usefull sometimes but actually with some others cases it is disaster it stops application completly

    as example try put to make one folder through normal code of .net (programming) it gives dirctly errors says you can not do this because they restrict creating files and folders inside C drive , any way what i will do now
    installation on another drive also i will try to stop this security thing in Vista any way to see the first form in 3d max i succedded to do this 😛

    just make Run as Administrator but ..

    still security issues from the Vista shows the programme as lagged so if somebody know how to stop this security thing in Vista he would solve 3dmax problem

    or , 3d max they shall do some changing of creating what ever they creates from files or folders taking care this security thing in Vista

    Best Regards
    Ahmed Elnagar (Software Developer)

    • Sir, I have a problem with vista.I have a vista home basic version.When I install 3dsmax on it then it sone times get installed but when i open it with “Run as Administrator” even then it doesn’t run.and gives an error. Or some times if it get opened then I only saw white-white space on the place of view ports. I like vista but its prblems make me to format c drive and get back to xp.Sir, I have all its needed requirements ie: I have 2.5GB of ram,gigabyte945 mboard,intel C2D@2.66ghz processor,128mb on board graphics card and it becomes 384 MB after shairing 256 mb from 2.5 GB of RAM. Then why am I unable to run 3ds max on my this system. Please help me to overcome this problem.My email address is gurindersingh.786@gmail.com Thanks Sir. Waiting for reply…

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