Scientology and Gradient Scales

I read something else interesting in my Scientology 0-8 Book today.  This was on the subject of gradient scales and their use.

I’ve always known in Scientology that we do things on a gradient scale, and don’t believe in skipped gradients or giving someone too much of something that they’re not ready for, etc.  It’s a basic part of our study technology and just is a fact — you work with gradient scales.

However, in the Scientology 0-8 book, there are a lot of other gradient scales – and I never understood what their use would be.  This part on page 99 clarifies, though:

” Remember two things:

“These scales are true.

” They do apply to life.  And unless you clothe them with some sensibility, unless you can use them while processing somebody, unless you can intelligently apply them and know where they begin and end — and know enough to use your own good sense too — they are just nice mathematical arrangements that are very pretty.” — LRH

I thought this interesting — as I know how to use the Tone Scale as covered in Science of Survival, but the other scales I was at a bit of a loss on how to use.

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One comment on “Scientology and Gradient Scales
  1. […] on April 28, 2008 by gettothechoppa Here’s an example from Scientology 0-8 of one of the gradient scales I mentioned, this one from 1951 entitled “TONE SCALE OF GOVERNMENTS, COMPANIES OR […]

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