Single-Valued Logic – The Will of God?

Scientology 0-8

Scientology 0-8

There is another pretty nifty scale and schematic in the Scientology 0-8 book, this one that goes over the Evolution of Logic (it’s on page 152).

Mr. Hubbard diagrams the 4 various kinds of logic there are — which are:

1. Single-valued logic

2. Two-valued logic

3. Three-valued logic

4. Infinity-valued logic

Single-valued logic is just neither right or wrong — it is “the will of God” — which in most people’s estimation is never assigned a survival value or assessment of whether or not it’s good or bad.  Like, “my wife left me – I guess that’s the way of things”.  In the preceding statement, if this is just “the way of things” or “the will of God”, one hasn’t even come up to being able to say that it sucks!

Aristotelian logic (two-valued) would have to assign a “right” or a “wrong” to it.  You could then say it sucks, but then maybe she was a cheat and you shouldn’t have married her to begin with.  How does that then help you classify the situation?

Three-valued logic (right/wrong/maybe) may work for some computing equipment, but again, putting yourself in a “maybe” about your wife leaving you is also not healthy.

This does make it clear why the infinity-valued logic that LRH describes in Dianetics is a more optimum way to think, as there is no absolute right or wrong in a situation like that.  Perhaps it was contrasurvival to have the wife leave, as the kids will now not have a mommy around, etc.  But maybe it has some good points like the lack of enturbulation from having a cheating, individuated woman around.

Anyhow – that scale does make it simpler as to why it is that it’s important to at least see what infinity-valued logic has to do with helping people improve and understand themselves.

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