How do you make someone curious?

Here’s another one from my Scientology 0-8 book — this time a scale called the “Hide to Curiosity Scale”, excerpted from another Scientology book entitled “Creation of Human Ability“.

This one I found interesting:

I’ve long heard of what’s called the “DEI Scale” which is the scale of




…which is used any time one is first talking to someone about something and you find that the first thing you hit with them is a complete inhibition of your communication alltogether.  You might keep talking, and they’ll start to push back at you, and then finally come to a point where they’ll want to speak with you.

There’s a whole bunch of Scientology technology surrounding this, but the part I found interesting was this:  On this particular scale (this is on page 190 of the book) L. Ron Hubbard mentions an expanded version of this scale which is (quoted):








Then, he goes on to say,

“And I have discovered that the road upward through this scale is communication.” — LRH

Interesting to me, to have as a stable datum, that to get someone through this scale — no matter if you’re trying to get them to marry you, or if you’re trying to sell them something, that one just has to continue to be there and communicate.

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One comment on “How do you make someone curious?
  1. vcommdes says:

    Just happened to be looking for the CDEI scale and was happy to come across your site.
    Well done on it.

    With ARC!!

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