Why people look at garbage on the Internet

A little intro.

Okay, so some blog posts that I’ve done may have had better titles.

But, this really was the particular win that I wanted to attempt to articulate on this blog post, even if it doesn’t end up as the most popular post I’ve ever done.

I’m reading the LRH Basics Books another time through, this time doing them with the lectures that accompany them. I’m just now wrapping up Dianetics: The Original Thesis — the first book Mr. Hubbard authored on the subject, written originally for the medical community in 1948.

Why people look at garbage on the Internet:

Now, on to the body copy of my blog post, and why it was that I wanted to write this today anyhow.

See, for pretty much my whole life, I’ve been in and around computer people — networking guys, design guys, internet guys, all sorts.

Now, while computer people are pretty smart, generally, one unfortunate thing that also comes along with the turf is that it’s all too easy to find computer people that just spend their days and nights looking at, and getting themselves totally wound up and tied up in looking at all manner of complete crap on the Internet.

Now, by garbage I’m not referring to a how-to article on how to install Microsoft Bob, or maybe a brochure-ware website on a Korean manufacturer of anti-bedwetting devices. No, I’m actually referring to real crap. By this I mean porno, nastier porno, and worse — defamatory garbage, two girls and one crude oil barrel, or whatever other terrible nonsense one can get oneself into on the net.

Most of that is stuff that, really, doesn’t make you feel any better looking at, it’s stuff that you wouldn’t want your mom knowing that you’re into, it’s stuff that doesn’t enhance your moral character or make you better able to handle your life, or understand your surroundings. Really, it’s just crap, and something one wouldn’t get into if it could otherwise be avoided.

The Original ThesisWhat’s my point?

The point here lies in something which, unfortunately, I’d have to explain half of the book to be able to articulate well to someone who hasn’t read the book. But the point is this: People do crazy, messed-up things because of their reactive minds. That is a 60-year-old fact dating now back to 1948 when L. Ron Hubbard first authored the book.

That said, one ends up with all manner of funky crazinesses about one due to one’s reactive mind. It’s called abberation, and it can cause you to do all manner of things which are insane.

I.e. cheating on your wife is never sane. It just isn’t. Case in point is the last 4 people I saw which had engaged in any measure of such behaviour were married to drop-dead-gorgeous supermodel wives, and yet cheated with some harpy-manatee cross-breed. It just makes no sense.

So, that said, when is it that someone would end up submitting to their most illogical desires and browsing and digging through total crap on the Internet, or going further and doing real physical activity which makes no sense?

Well, it’s in the book. And the reason for that now finally makes sense to me, and helps me make sense of the countless bizarre activities I’ve seen people get into on the net.

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2 comments on “Why people look at garbage on the Internet
  1. Darin says:


    • Darin – that was a great example of someone who HAS looked at too much conjecture on the Internet, as opposed to availing oneself of the fruits of personal observation. Have you ever met Mr. David Miscavige before? Just curious.

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