Setting the Record Straight on Mr. David Miscavige

imageI had seen some of the articles bouncing around on the web regarding the main figure driving forward the expansion of Scientology – Mr. David Miscavige.  Unfortunately, those articles had been what I already knew to be an outrageous set of fabrications and complete lack of sensibility whatsoever – but I had nothing to point at for a counterpoint, until now.

Freedom Magazine just published an expose of the St. Petersburg Times, and the awful set of “articles” they wrote regarding Scientology and its leader.  It’s actually pretty sordid, and makes me really wonder what was happening behind the scenes at S.P. Times.

The truth is that with what Mr. Miscavige has done for my religion in his time is staggering – so many people have be positively affected by what he’s done, and they don’t even realize it.  From the release of the Scientology Basics – the fully-restored bedrock principles of the Scientology Religion, to pushing forward the planet’s most effective anti-drug campaign, he’s just the most compassionate, dynamic and amazing individual I am aware of. 

Nice to have that packaged into the pages of a magazine too.


I'm a Linux network engineer, a mountain biker, a daddy and a Scientologist. I run the website, am married to a great wife, and have a pair of absurdly cute kids.

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12 comments on “Setting the Record Straight on Mr. David Miscavige
  1. Bob Dobbs says:

    Poor Scientology shill.

    • TurboDad says:

      Mr. Dobbs –

      Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately you’re inaccurate, as I’m not a ‘shill’. I’m a Scientologist. A “shill” is “One who poses as a satisfied customer or an enthusiastic gambler to dupe bystanders into participating in a swindle.”

      However, I am a “satisfied customer”. I’m someone who enjoys using Scientology to help people solve problems in life, get along better, not take drugs, and generally get through life. And I really like it.

      What’s actually unfortunate is where you do have “shills” who are responsible for that SP Times article, trying to dupe bystanders into thinking something is the case when it really isn’t. I hope you weren’t so duped, as it’s quite a fad these days to believe anything you read on the Internet.

      So, just in case you thought I was a robot or someone ‘posing’ as a Scientologist, just wanted to make sure that you knew I’m a real person, and I wrote the above article because I have had my own exposure to the personnel in question, and have the deepest & utmost respect for people who dedicate their lives to helping people like you & me.

  2. dbear says:

    Mr. Miscavige has indeed headed up the church through an era of tremendous expansion, and as someone who has both helped others and been helped by Scientology, I give him my sincerest thanks.

  3. Milogh says:

    Just found your blog. Yep, you can trace the start of the Scientology rise from turbulent times to it’s assumption of planetary responsibility to the point when Mr. Miscavige took the helm. Every few months a major inroad is accomplished, and most of them involve him directly.

    Glad to meet you!

  4. I just read your blog and found that Effective anti-drug campaign is just the most compassionate, dynamic and amazing individual I am aware of.
    great knowledge to read this post.
    thank u a lot!

    • Tad says:

      That has got to be one of the most inventive comment spamming techniques I’m aware of. Well done – I didn’t spam your link, based on your raw ingenuity.

  5. Antoine says:

    I find you a nice guy, but truth is truth.
    The SP Time is spot on and all true.
    It is imposable that these “SPs” who have decades of excellent SO production and very long-term records of ethical behavior, are suddenly real SPs.

    I’m sure in yesteryear, many smart; sharp; ethical and intelligent Germans thought highly of Hitler and all his great contributions to the Country. Their Country. At least for a time.

    Flag is no longer operating on, nor is it capable of; delivering Standard Tech. Evidence of this is overwhelming.

    Only an unconscious person would relate all the good out of Scientology, has anything to do with DM directly. And yet; all the PTSness of Scientology; the public finds it to be truly revolting; has absolutely nothing to do with its current Leader.

    Everything BAD about Scientology leads straight back to Him.

    • Tad says:

      Antoine – thanks for the compliment – I do indeed try to be a nice guy. But wow, not sure where you come up with your data, nor who you talk to on this. Clearly you’ve not been around Scientology organizations much lately, or around Flag. Specifically:

      The SP Time is spot on and all true.

      That’s sort of like saying “Weekly World News was always spot-on and true”. 🙂 Honestly. Really, you should read the Freedom Magazine issue linked to in this post – it explains the point better than I can. But after working in and around Scientology organizations, being recently at Flag, working on projects overseen by Mr. Miscavige, the yellow fiction depicted in the SP Times only gets more laughable.

      It is imposable that these “SPs” who have decades of excellent SO production and very long-term records of ethical behavior, are suddenly real SPs.

      It was this very line in your comment that made me want to reply to you. As you seem to know a thing or two about Suppressive Persons, I’d like to direct you to a very interesting policy letter by Mr. Hubbard by the title of HANDLING THE SUPPRESSIVE PERSON, THE BASIS OF INSANITY. It’s an intriguing policy that you’ll find on page 990 of OEC Vol 1 (which I hope you have access to) that explains their actions. He says, “These people aren’t communists or fascists or any other ists. They are just very sick people.” — LRH

      Also check out the bulletin entitled, PSYCHOSIS, where he details how some of these people did indeed operate in the Sea Org. Specifically, “Pretending to do a post or duties, the real consistent result is destructive to the group in terms of breakage, lost items, injured business, etc.” Unfortunately with some of these folks, that’s what was happening. And now, they’re being many times more destructive to Scientology and to the aims of Scientology than they ever were a help to.

      But it’s not very surprising to me that they are taking this time to show their true colors. Now when we have the Basics (which are INCREDIBLE) and the Congresses (DITTO) and the rest of LRH’s materials recovered, when we have new Ideal Churches of Scientology popping up all over the place and Flag producing more trained auditors and perfect auditing sessions than ever. In that same bulletin, LRH says,

      Sometimes one only becomes aware of these when things are getting worked on and improved. They stay on as long as it can be made bad or there is hope it can be destroyed. Then when attention is given to improvement, they blow.” … “When success or failure to destroy or possible detection appears on the scene, they blow, often as destructively as possible.” — LRH

      To wit, people like Marty & Mike who are now embroiled in their own psychoses, compulsively destroying the people and religion they had sworn to protect.

      So, unfortunately, I can’t really agree with any of your comment except for the beginning part. Truth is indeed truth.

  6. Antoine says:

    No confront?

  7. Jeremy says:

    Im new to this and loving every minute of it. Next week ill be going ro my org for the first time since its a ways away and im very excited to meet everyone and making real friends at the org. Im hoping to meet decent woman for once as well. That being said cob Dm is my idol and hero and i feel so honored and privledged to become a part of scientology especially with dm in the lead. I am so hoping that in time i can become a staff member for the krg and help bring scientology to thr world. Scientology is what id lovr to dedicate my lifr too. Helpong people and helping expand this greatest of religions. I have severe snxiety which disables me to drive which is why its didfacult to get to the org however iv had no ambition or plans for the future and thats now chsnged what id really lobe is to join the sea org. What better way to dedicate my life to something i love doing what i love by helpong people. Scientology is my saviour and i love it more then anything.

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