Marty Rathbun & AC360: Why Rathbun was Busted by Mr. David Miscavige

image Just read a great post on the Mark Rathbun the Squirrel site which details a question that Anderson Cooper was trying to leave unanswered in his all-drama / no fact series on Scientology Management that attempted to deify an apostate who lies to his friends and beats up people as a default handling.

The post goes over why Rinder & Rathbun were removed from post, and specifically addresses the question brought up in the Cooper show of Rathbun’s violent behaviour being dealt with internally by the Church.

In 2003, while COB RTC was away handling legal matters that Rathbun had badly botched, knowledge reports were filed by staff members on Rathbun’s off-policy and out-ethics activities internally in the Church. Fifty incidents were documented of his violence and intimidation of executives and staff. When Mr. Miscavige returned and learned of this, he promptly expelled Rathbun from RTC and stripped him of any last vestiges of status or authority, even if by insinuation or association. Rathbun knew it was over for him. So did many others.

Thought it was fitting to mention, as obviously Cooper had no intention ever of the true story coming out of what really happened to Rathbun.


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7 comments on “Marty Rathbun & AC360: Why Rathbun was Busted by Mr. David Miscavige
  1. Nameless one,
    I was […blah blah…] violent […blah blah…] once a young idealistic chap like you.

    • Tad says:

      Sorry, Marty – I couldn’t understand what you said. It just sounded like squeaks and chatter from a squirrel, to me.

      Must be terrible being the most loathsome turncoat on the planet since Benedict Arnold. At least Benedict Arnold had a king he was loyal to. You’re just a pathological liar trying to apply the final paragraphs of C/S Series 22 to the letter. At least you’re applying something

  2. Eric Steiner says:

    Hi Tad,

    Have you seen this blog on LRH and Marty? Some of her arguments: LRH and Mark Rathbun were replaced by impostors. What do you think of it?


    Eric Steiner

  3. seriusanon says:

    Who would have thunk it!

    Looks like Rathbun is setting an ideal example of professionalism. Heeeeeere’s Marty again!!!!

    Incidentally enough, the same day Freedom Mag exposes Rathbun’s true colors, well…Marty was “Moving On Up” again and got arrested, spending some of his time in jail. Lookin’ good Marty! Keep it up.

  4. pridewalks says:

    Marty Rathbun should be asked why he reacts so violently about the homicide investigation on his brother Bruce!

  5. Alex says:

    Interestingly, Tad, the post on the Mark Rathbun the Squirrel site and your link to it, has been taken down…hmmm. Someone didn’t want the truth out there, I guess. I would like to know what it said and the truth on why they were removed from post (and I have read Freedom Mag’s site already). I am sending the information to a friend who watched the CNN interview and got obviously wrong perception from that propagandist piece.

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