Scientologist to Reddit: I’ll Respect Your Beliefs if You Respect Mine

I’ve found Reddit to be a rough place for commentary, if you’re not either (a) an Atheist or (b) on some manner of antagonistic agenda against some religion or another.  Today, front-page on Reddit was a comic insinuating that it’s okay to bash Christians because Christians keep telling people they’re immoral sinners.   But what else is new – this sort of thing is basically always front page on Reddit, with around 1500 upvotes and hundreds of comments.

Today was another such “interesting” day on Reddit, one that I find tiresome, unfortunately.  Mostly because I keep having to answer the same questions over and over again from the same skeptical types of people who have the same bizarre misconceptions about my religion from similar off-the-wall sources.

I’m putting this on my blog now, so that hopefully I can just either refer to it in the future, or at least use it for copypasta.  Parts are vetted for the reading enjoyment of the user.

The below is from a Reddit Post I made simply to post an article on the ScientologyParent site detailing how Scientology is used to help pregnant mothers.

Commenter: What, do you hook the fetus up to an e reader so you can clear it before it is born?

Me: It’s usual practice to click on an article and read it, as that will many times save one from making ignorant and bigoted comments. Just as a tip. But then again, your recent comment history shows bigoted comments against Christians and Muslims as well as Scientologists, so I can’t hope for too much.

Commenter: I tried to read your article, it was meaningless drivel

Me: How to have a stress-free birth is meaningless drivel? Ever talked to a stressed-out mom?

Commenter: Do you have any clinical trials or evidence that “auditing” in any way helps a pregnant mother?

Me: Read the comments. You can believe them, or not. Doesn’t much matter to me.

Commenter: Comments by fellow scientologists is not valid evidence.

Me: Wow – that makes positively no sense at all. Someone uses Scientology, sees that it works for them, likes it and writes about it, and thereby is now invalid as evidence that it was helpful?

Commenter: Correct, look up the difference between anecdotal evidence and real evidence. Are there any clinical, science based trials that suggest that any e-reader or clearing has any benefit to pregnant mothers? And then look up the placebo effect while you are at it.


Well aware of the placebo effect. 🙂 When Dianetics was originally in development, there was a massive set of test cases used, many of which were pregnant mothers. Do I have access to those results from where I am? No. But what is valid for me is (a) if I understand the theory of what’s being done, does it make sense that it would make someone better and relieve stress, and (b) what do people say who have done such a procedure.

Answer is (a) the theory does make sense to me (may not to you — such views are your prerogative), and (b) I’ve known scores of people to get such counseling when pregnant, and 100% say it was immensely helpful, one of which being my own WIFE.

So, again, if you want to downvote it, or voice your skepticism, fine. I’m just not down with the whole Reddit thing of “see how hard you can slam the other guy’s religious beliefs”. If you’re athiest or buddhist or spaghettimonsterist or whatever, I’ll respect that even if I don’t agree with it, I’d just ask for the same.



I'm a Linux network engineer, a mountain biker, a daddy and a Scientologist. I run the website, am married to a great wife, and have a pair of absurdly cute kids.

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10 comments on “Scientologist to Reddit: I’ll Respect Your Beliefs if You Respect Mine
  1. John B says:

    No one should bash another’s religion. They should study it to know whether it is right or wrong for THEIR life, no one else’s. Never believe everything you read on the internet. Anyone can post crap there. Study the materials for yourself and make an INFORMED decision on your own. Don’t jump on someone else’s bandwagon just because that is the popular thing to do.

  2. djdiaz says:

    An excellent response to the current “party line” of hidebound bigotry against Scientology. Bravo.

  3. Mike says:

    You’ve a right to believe any old stuff you want to. What you don’t have a right to do is lie about it, or, if you are ignorant of your own religion, pretend a person offering a differing opinion on it is automatically wrong.

    • Mike – thanks for your reply. I’m still searching for what you think I’m lying about exactly. Perhaps there’s something I don’t know or haven’t read, but I’ve read a lot.

      What I take offense to is is folks with a half understanding of Scientology principles telling me that I believe something outlandish, and then making me defend that “belief”.

    • Oh, and in terms of being ignorant of my own religion, I wouldn’t say that’s the case. I’ve read each of the 18 Basic books of Scientology and Dianetics, some of them 2-3 times. I have listened to each of the lectures by L. Ron Hubbard that form the entire basic scripture of the religion and outline (if you can call 280 hour-long lectures an “outline”) the actual structure and belief system of the religion.

      Granted, I haven’t read EVERYTHING, but I form my opinion of what Scientology IS based on what actual materials by L. Ron Hubbard which I have read. I don’t base it on websites by deprogrammers offering their counterpoints.

  4. Megan says:

    Having spent thousands and thousands of hours over periods of years using the E-Meter, in addition to hundreds more practicing and drilling its use, I find these comments astounding. “Are you sure a coffee maker makes coffee? Are you sure it isn’t just a placebo effect?” Such a comment could only be made by someone who has never used a coffee maker.

    But even if you ignored everything else there is one small detail … when you are counselling someone else (called a pc or preclear), they can’t see the E-Meter dial. The meter reacts exactly according to what is happening with the pc, often moments before the pc himself voices it. Why does the meter read on the exact question which turns out to have an answer which leads to the pc discovering new things about his life? Why does the needle float just before the pc’s face brightens up and he voices the end phenomenon of a process? Why is it, that if you decide to ignore the E-Meter, and take up a question that did not read, it goes nowhere and leaves the pc’s bored?

    Then, how to you explain the new pc, not yet a Scientologist who arrives after trying a dozen other practices and getting nowhere, has his first auditing session, and can suddenly solve problems that had plagued him for years? Why would this “placebo” effect only take place in Scientology and not all these other practices he tried?

    20% of the population will get better no matter what you do – pat them on the head, give them a sugar pill, anything. Those people may have some kind of placebo affect. Dianetics and Scientology have a far higher rate of success than 20%.

  5. jim meskimen says:

    Scientology works, whether bigots inveigh against it loudly, softly, in print, in public, or in vain.
    Let ’em yammer.
    You keep on with your studies and application. That’s what I’m doing.

  6. marcozna says:

    Hey tad, an excellent back and forth with the commenter. Honestly I don’t think most of these commenters actually intend to seriously harm. I think it is us bloggers that should inform more of what a real Scientologist is like.
    People always like to go check some negative “reviews” it’s unfortunately the way we’ve been educated. Take an example, go to a hotel review site and read 10 amazing reviews, then find 1 bad one and you’re suddenly uncertain if the hotel is good. If one hasn’t been educated in data evaluation then one easily falls in that trap.
    Of course there are exceptions to what I am saying here… 🙂
    Keep blogging!

  7. Hey. 🙂

    I’ve written about Scientology on the Internet before, and I’ve found that there are basically (to simplify things) two categories of people:

    1) People who are misinformed.
    2) People who are fundamentally antagonistic, either to religion in general, Scientology, or simply to anything that lives and breathes.

    When people are in Category #1, then they can certainly start out being angry, but will tend to reform their replies if you point them in the direction of valid evidence or information.

    I’d say that your “Commenter” in this blog post, though, was in Category #2. More or less, there’s nothing that you can do to handle this person, and the absolute best thing you can do is ignore that particular individual unless they are causing some particular, immediate present time danger to you. Otherwise, essentially what you do is provide fodder for attacks. Every comment is simply something to respond to, and all responses will be further invalidation and often an outright refusal to read or accept any viewpoint other than their own (while ironically accusing you of doing the same, despite how untrue it may be). The fact that you are participating in the conversation just makes it more interesting to the attacker and anybody else who comes along to read the attacker’s nonsense. In short, the only thing that’s ever going to work against a person like that is to either (a) ignore them or (b) provide irrefutable hard evidence so that at least *other people* can see that the dude is full of garbage.

    BTW, there does exist a record of at least one of the early Dianetics research studies. I was going to get a copy of it for myself–I thought it would be interesting to folks who are more engineering-minded like our programmer/IT crowd. 🙂


  8. Oh, also, I forgot to mention that my ironbound rule is, for the Internet: I only discuss Scientology in forums over which I have complete control (such as my blog), or which are totally private between me and another individual (like an IM conversation or a private message on IRC).


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