John Sweeney is Genuinely Evil

image Growing up on a diet of things like Star Wars and Indiana Jones, one gets a chance to see a fair number of good guys & bad guys.

In the movies, the bad guys are commonly depicted as being so low, so loathsome, that by the end of the movie even the most sweet and innocent housewife is picturing in her mind the most violent, grisly and permanent way for the bad guy to meet his end, because there’s no question at all that the bad guy is just plain bad for everyone, and has just got to go.

But in real life, you seldom come across such a bad guy that can be as utterly loathsome, so low, so cowardly and yet so holistically evil that they can be agreed upon as a total villain.

Well, I think our wait is over.  Enter BBC Panorama’s John Sweeney.

Please, watch this video.  If by the end of it you can think of a better real-life villain, let me know.

Sweeney Part 1:

Sweeney Part 2:
(note – or you can watch the full-length video on Freedom Magazine’s site)

Mike Rinder is pretty close, and by the end of the video above you’ve got to sort of hate him too in the same way as you hate that dirty old English soldier from Braveheart that tries to lick Wallace’s wife & gets her executed.   Not quite the same level, but close.


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27 comments on “John Sweeney is Genuinely Evil
  1. Megan says:

    Wow, interesting. I’d heard a small bit about this John Sweeney character but this is a lot more information than I had before. I have tried to watch the rest of the documentary but had a bit of a hard time finding part 2 on YouTube – I’ll keep looking. It’s amazing to me that these characters are knocking themselves out to create a lot of negative hype – but especially about the Church, which we all know 1) is doing a world of good all over the planet and 2) never backs down from an attack. These guys must just have a self-destruction wish – nothing good will come to them for their actions.

  2. It’s sad really. I mean for them, it’s one thing to never have understood anything and criticize, and then it’s even worse when they know that there is a right way to then start trying to destroy that right way.
    Well, I’m having a ball on my courses and at the end of the day, I know it works which is what counts for me.

  3. Beacon Schuler says:

    The documentary Sweeney was working on is now on YouTube if you want to see how distorted a picture Sweeney paints of the Church.

    Personally I thought he was very balanced about the *religion* of Scientology, treating both independent and public Scientologists with the respect they deserve; I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about his representation of the church itself.

  4. hga says:

    Ha ha! Great spoof. Keep up the good work.

  5. Lolwut says:

    I’m sure that the Catholics feel the same about the people who’ve exposed the abuse and corruption in their church. There is nothing evil about investigative journalism, unwillingness to listen to the reality of how you are perceived outside is ultimately a recipe for isolation and failure.

    • Oh, indeed there is nothing evil about “investigative journalism”. However, when you stage events, script stunts and then play that off as “investigative journalism” when in fact it is actual FICTION, then that is evil. It’s evil because although many people will up and tell you, “ah, well, you can’t believe everything the media says,” many unfortunately DO.

      As you can see from the videos above, Sweeney never had any intention of investigating anything, just like Anderson Cooper didn’t investigate anything.

      If one investigated Scientology by actually going in to churches, talking to real Scientologists, talking to Scientology staff members, one would actually find something.

  6. Megan says:

    This is in response to the comment from “Lolwut”. There really can be no comparison between how Catholics feel about the expose on their church, and how Scientologists might feel about John Sweeney’s journalism. The difference is that Catholic priests were committing crimes, have been brought to court, etc. – and no such thing has occurred in Scientology. John Sweeney didn’t even have the decency to impartially interview any Scientologists, but courted ex-Scientologists with their own agendas. It can be argued that Sweeney’s viewpoint is skewed and he is malicious toward the Church; not exactly the same thing as with the Catholics.

  7. FrancoG says:

    Definitely interesting.
    These videos give data useful to understand what really happened.

  8. Bert says:

    Now I get it! You put up comments that make it look like there is discussion about the videos, but you weed out anything that is critical of Scientology.

    • Bert – a few things. (a) This is my blog. If someone wants to post hate speech about my religion, I’m under no obligation to post their comment on my site. You included. (b) I’m all into discussion, and if you want to DISCUSS something, do so with respect. My point in posting this particular video is showing the violent disrespect for my religion shown by Sweeney & company, something I disagree with.

  9. Megan says:

    Hey Bert – How about an acknowledgment from you that this is ScientologyParent’s personal blog? Did you understand that?

    Go ahead and protest editing of comments on a public site. But this isn’t one of them. Doesn’t sound like your negative comments are wanted here. I’m sure you’ve found other forums for that already, so go take a trip to those ones.

  10. Bert says:

    So I went through the video and wrote down all the negative adjectives used to describe John Sweeney or the ex-scientologists that he interviewed. Here’s what I got (warning, some might consider this hate speech)

    Laughing stock
    Poor work ethic
    Cant’ hold a job
    Known drunk
    Serial sexual misconduct
    Sells soul
    Abuser of women
    Wrecks of men
    Posse of vindictive liars (this is my favorite)

    Now I’m off to do the same with John Sweeney’s description of Scientologists. Won’t you join me, this should be fun.

  11. Megan says:

    Oh Bert. Just have to be right, don’t you? Can’t even complete a cycle of communication – how about that point of this being someone else’s blog? Do you GET it yet?

    • Bert says:

      Megan – You can see below that I apologized for being disrespectful, and I would add a bit sarcastic. Seeing that my apology was accepted, I’m hoping that this comment will be posted so that I can let you know that I did in fact respond to your comment earlier to “complete a cycle of communication”, but my comments were not posted by the moderator.

  12. Bert says:

    I apologize if I’ve been disrepectful, but I do have a serious question for you. As your child grows up, do you want them to restrict information to themselves and others, or would you prefer for them to evaluate all the information and decide for themselves?

    • Bert – indeed you’ve been disrespectful, but apology accepted if it is indeed genuine.

      To answer your question, I positively do not want to “restrict information” being given to my children, and of course would want them to be able to evaluate such information for themselves. However, I’ll go further than that – as evaluation of information is itself an important subject. One has not only the necessity of being able to freely assimilate and evaluate information, but also in that computation it’s intrinsically important for one to be able to take into account the source of the information in said evaluation.

      Example: German politician exclaiming that racial integration in Germany is an “unmitigated failure”. Likely you would get a different story if you talked to a Turk living in peace in Germany.

      Example: Get the opinion of a Hezbollah radical as to whether or not the Jew deserves to be in Palestine. A Jew may have a different opinion.

      I’m sure you were about to make some manner of point about how someone growing up should “look at both sides” or something like that. Well, I would only hope that someone looking at both sides of the story could also then do sufficient evaluation of sources of data to be able to reach a logical conclusion about such.

  13. Bert says:

    I’ve been reading, and listening to interviews with Amy Scobee who was part of John Sweeney’s documentary. As a top level Scientologist for many years, I find her comments compelling. Is there any reason to believe that her statements regarding the operations of Scientology are not genuine?

    • Bert – a few answers to your question. First of all, a good read is:

      Once again, it’s pretty important to consider the source of ones’ information alongside the information being provided by that source. Amy is a disgraced former church staff member, who basically has done some of the most heinous things any religious staff member can do (no matter WHAT religion you’re talking about). So we already know her level of personal ethics is out the bottom (clue #1 to the relative fidelity of her statements).

      For me, that’s only backed up by a great deal of personal knowledge of the people she works so hard to discredit, and personal knowledge of the organizations she’s working to soil the reputation of. So, I happen to know she’s a rotten liar trying to get publicity for herself by making honest, good-hearted people look bad – which I think is pretty loathsome, personally.

    • Megan says:

      I don’t know, Bert. I’m not really interested in listening to comments from a someone who is obviously out to harm my religion. I’m happy with my religion.

  14. Jon Sweeney says:

    Please note that I’m not the BBC chap but I’m being spammed as if I was, kindly target your emails to his work and not my private box. Pass it on.

  15. Dan says:

    Hello…. anybody in there?

  16. These guy Sweeney is total down below red man of anti god.
    I pray Thetans upon high that all unborn sperm of he family line come manufactured defect.Spit curses and foul dogs piss upon him in his shallow resting place and his dear sweet old mother.
    I pray his crime ends him in final breathing days.So much evils in one man demon vessel.All architecture berates him to live lonely fate of damaged gourd.He is dislocated schoolgirls panties chant.

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