The Jive Aces are on Spotify

And as an FYI, in case you hadn’t heard, the UK’s #1 Swing Band, The Jive Aces have a bunch of their recent tunes out there on Spotify right now.

The Jives are my favorite swing band, and listening to them at work is a constant reminder to me that I need to somehow get back into swinging with my wife.

Wife Swing Dancing at the IAS Christmas Ball

Wife Swing Dancing with the Jive Aces at the 2001 IAS Christmas Ball



I'm a Linux network engineer, a mountain biker, a daddy and a Scientologist. I run the website, am married to a great wife, and have a pair of absurdly cute kids.

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4 comments on “The Jive Aces are on Spotify
  1. ashtonsanders says:

    Swing Dancing is darn fun. My wife and I are learning

    • Yup – my wife and I used to dance quite a bit back in the day.

      Dancing to the Jive Aces

      My wife is a whupass swing dancer. Above photo is from the IAS Christmas Ball in DC, swing phenom and instructor Tom Koerner showed up, and started dancing with my wife. She took classes with him years before. When he said, “Damn, you’re good – who taught you to dance?”, she replied, “YOU DID!” 🙂 And yes, those are the Jive Aces in the background.

  2. Gerald Foy says:

    You should listen to actual swing music […]

    • Not really a valuable comment, my friend, unless you also give me some suggestions on what else I should listen to. I happen to like listening to the Jives, as well as a bunch of old-school stuff like Benny Goodman / Louis Prima / etc, as well as folks like Cherry Poppin’ Daddies & Brian Setzer.

      Your suggestions?

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