Philadelphia Anti-Psychiatry Protest

Psychiatry is a Human Rights TragedyDon't Drug Me.Holding her Sign HighProtesting the Drugging of ChildrenDon't You Dare Drug My DaughterAnti-Psychiatry Protest
Anti-Psychiatry ProtestAnti-Psychiatry ProtestMommy at Independence ParkPosing at Independence ParkChill E.B. Leading Anti-Psych DemonstrationAnti-Psychiatry Demonstration
Psych Demonstration

Philadelphia Psychbust, a set on Flickr.

I got back from Philadelphia late last night, so I’ve only just gotten to upload a few photos – but we definitely had a thing or two to say about the APA’s new DSM V release party.

My daughter’s opinion on the matter?

“In that big building are PSYCHS. They are bad men and they get a sad face and they get NO TREATS.”


I'm a Linux network engineer, a mountain biker, a daddy and a Scientologist. I run the website, am married to a great wife, and have a pair of absurdly cute kids.

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One comment on “Philadelphia Anti-Psychiatry Protest
  1. […] this post for more photos of the May 2012 Philadelphia anti-psychiatry protest. Based in the Washington, D.C. Metro area, Tad Reeves is a Linux system administrator, mountain […]

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