The “Sickness of Long Thinking”

Just listened to a really nifty quote in the Life Continuum lectures, as part of my study of the Scientology Basics.  It’s in the lecture entitled “Yes, No and Maybe”, and LRH is talking about how terrible it is to just sit there, stuck in a “maybe”.   He says:

“You would be amazed how much action anyone is capable of. A person sits around and thinks too long…Indians used to have a name for it.  It’s called the “sickness of long thinking”.  Starts dropping back out of action, starts restimulating old maybes – anything to keep busy.  The next thing you know, the fellow is really enforcing inaction upon himself because of this restimulation.  If he can just pick himself up by the bootstraps and throw himself out willy-nilly into some kind of action – preferably dangerous action, preferably dangerous action – he sometimes comes up right as rain.”  – LRH

I thought that a fitting and useful quote for attacking life!


I'm a Linux network engineer, a mountain biker, a daddy and a Scientologist. I run the website, am married to a great wife, and have a pair of absurdly cute kids.

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