Event Night at the Founding Church of Scientology – My Thoughts

Event Night at the Founding Church of Scientology in Washington, DC

Event Night at the Founding Church of Scientology in Washington, DC

My wife and I just finished attending the first of a two-night event series at the Founding Church of Scientology in Washington, DC.  The events are rebroadcasts of a series of fairly epic events just held last week in Clearwater, FL, and are the announcements of the completion of a number of large-scale projects that the Church has been undertaking over the last 20 years.   And “large-scale,” in and of itself, is a tough one to communicate adequately unless you were at the event itself, or were involved in the projects themselves.

Personally, I’m still in awe of what’s been accomplished. 

It would be nearly impossible, with words on a blog post, to accurately summarize what it was we all saw in the event tonight.  It had huge significance to us as Scientologists and the way in which we practice our religion.   It demonstrated to all of us the lengths to which our church goes to ensure that everything that is done in Scientology is as the Founder of the Religion intended, and is done in such a way that it works.  

You may have seen, on the various bits of news media that covered the live event that was held in Clearwater, FL, a massive tent in downtown Clearwater that had the letters “KSW” emblazoned upon it.    KSW stands for “Keeping Scientology Working“.  Scientology, being an applied religious philosophy, only goes so far as it works.   As noted in this video explaining what Scientology is – Scientology isn’t something you “believe in” — it’s something you do.

And the subject matter of the event was Mr. David Miscavige, the ecclesiastical leader of our religion, detailing the massive lengths that the Church has gone over a 20+ year period, spanning a myriad of different projects, to ensure that what we are practicing in our churches is by-the-books Scientology, that we all are getting the expected benefits and gains from our services, and that they are being done precisely as L. Ron Hubbard had originally intended.

To the non-Scientologist, it may sound dry and uninteresting.  To me, it portends quite a bit, and it makes me quite hopeful and excited for the future, and indeed quite proud to call myself a Scientologist.



I'm a Linux network engineer, a mountain biker, a daddy and a Scientologist. I run the ScientologyParent.com website, am married to a great wife, and have a pair of absurdly cute kids.

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One comment on “Event Night at the Founding Church of Scientology – My Thoughts
  1. Kobus says:

    Hi! I’m so glad to find a positive blog on scientology. I was at the event at the JHB org and was also quite inspired by it and filled with hope for the future of scientology. I was wondering whether you follow critical blogs such as those written by SP’s Rathburn and Rinder? Much of what was revealed at the event was revealed on their blogs beforehand but having seen both angles of this, I feel it’s quite easy to see that the truth is on the side of Chairman of the board RTC , David Miscavige. How do you respond to such people, if at all? Why do you think negative opinions of scientology are higher ranked on Google (your blog is quite a bit into page 2 of a search for Golden Age of Tech phase 2) ? I would appreciate your thoughts on this..

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