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An Evening in the Scientology Academy

Church of Scientology of Washington D.C., Academy Signage, originally uploaded by tadnkat. Probably one of my favorite parts about the Scientology religion is that one of the main practices of the religion itself involves one simply studying the basic texts

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Family and my Decision to be a Scientologist

A college anthropology student sent me a question from my Scientology Parent page, as she’s doing some study for her class on how family history & background can lead people to various religions.  As she was studying about Scientology, she

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Preserving the Authenticity of my Religion

I personally have quite a bit of respect for all great religions of the world.  I think that by and large, their founders and original proponents were quite enlightened, and had some fairly star-high goals for man – both in

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Featured on the Patheos Blog about Scientology

I’ve been recently asked to add some guest posts on the Scientology section of the quite excellent Patheos Internet community.  I’d long admired the work of the site, as the folks who run the site seem genuinely interested in fostering

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Google Questions Answered on Scientology – Episode #1

As this is a personal site with a rather varied set of topics related to Scientology, I get some interesting results in terms of search terms people use to arrive at my site.  Some of them are understandable, others –

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Why I am Proud to Support the International Association of Scientologists

“What is the IAS?” There’s a question I get asked quite often when I’m wearing my shirts that state I’m a member of the International Association of Scientologists, one I’m bound to get asked all the more often now that

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My Studying Scientology Blog: 2010 in review

Got the following sent to me in an email from, and thought it was a great example of how much plain language one can build just around a set of numbers.  Really, I think an excellent job of summarizing

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