“Get to the choppa?”

And if any of you were wondering what the name of this WordPress blog is about, please see the below authoritative definition of “Get to the Choppa” from the Urban Dictionary:

Short for the whole phrase that Dutch (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) says in the movie Predator, which goes:

This can many any number or things, or mean nothing at all.  Frequently it is used when something exciting is happening or will happen and they need to be going someplace. It’s used when there is no need to mention where you’re going, you all already know where you’re going.

My original purpose with this blog was to advocate immediate action, as something exciting indeed is happening and, at least among my friends, we indeed all already know where we’re going.  🙂

But to give you some more visual color as to the Internet’s interpretation of this phrase, please see:

Get to the Choppa!


Get to the Choppa! (courtesy of the great Joseph Ducreaux)


Get to the Choppa!

2 comments on ““Get to the choppa?”
  1. Anthony Fox says:

    I’ve run into you several times over the last four or five years on the internet. You’ve given me hope when I needed it and I want to thank you.

    I’ve been off-lines for 24 years and, by some miracle I don’t fully understand, this week I will be receiving the Basic Books and Lectures, and the Congresses. Not only will I have the Philadelphia Doctorate Course Lectures but, apparently, I’m going to be able to understand them? Wow.

    • teddybear192837 says:

      I am currently on lecture 39 of the PDCs. I look forward to listening to them every day, they are absolutely amazing. Each lecture is life changing. I am honestly excited for you.

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