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Event Night at the Founding Church of Scientology – My Thoughts

My wife and I just finished attending the first of a two-night event series at the Founding Church of Scientology in Washington, DC.  The events are rebroadcasts of a series of fairly epic events just held last week in Clearwater,

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Preserving the Authenticity of my Religion

I personally have quite a bit of respect for all great religions of the world.  I think that by and large, their founders and original proponents were quite enlightened, and had some fairly star-high goals for man – both in

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BUSTED! Marty Rathbun Arrested for Drunkenness and Disturbing the Peace

Wow – can Freedom Magazine call it or what.  As you may or may not know, Freedom Magazine’s latest issue is devoted to debunking the travesty of a show Anderson Cooper put on with chump expelled-Scientologist ‘witnesses’ that blame all

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Marty Rathbun & AC360: Why Rathbun was Busted by Mr. David Miscavige

Just read a great post on the Mark Rathbun the Squirrel site which details a question that Anderson Cooper was trying to leave unanswered in his all-drama / no fact series on Scientology Management that attempted to deify an apostate

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Full Basics Release Presentation by Mr. David Miscavige now On-Line!!

Incredible!  Formerly just available on DVD, the release of the Basics books & lectures by Mr. David Miscavige has now become available on-line, and in-full.  The release of the Basics was, in my mind, one of the single most important

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Mr. David Miscavige’s Address at the Opening of the New Fort Harrison

I just came across this article of Mr. David Miscavige‘s  speech given at the grand opening of the newly-renovated Fort Harrison hotel in Clearwater, FL. I was just in Clearwater for the holidays, and so got a chance to see

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Setting the Record Straight on Mr. David Miscavige

I had seen some of the articles bouncing around on the web regarding the main figure driving forward the expansion of Scientology – Mr. David Miscavige.  Unfortunately, those articles had been what I already knew to be an outrageous set

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